Fully Automatic Ginger Juice Making Processing Machine

ginger juice processing machine

The ginger juice processing machine is composed of: elevator-selection machine-root cleaning and peeling machine-fine cleaning-air-drying and draining-ginger juicer-filling machine-pasteurization line-labeling machine-packaging, etc. The whole process is automated and filtered several times to remove the small ginger residue that is difficult to filter when making homemade ginger juice, and the taste is smooth and does not hurt the stomach. The made ginger juice drink does not add pigments, flavors, preservatives, and the unique process dissolves more nutrients such as gingerol and gingerol in ginger into the ginger juice to retain nutrients to the greatest extent.


Ginger Juice Processing Flow Chart


The ginger juice processing process includes: ginger cleaning → ginger peeling → ginger air-drying and draining → ginger crushing → ginger juice extraction → ginger juice sterilization → ginger juice packaging and labeling

ginger jucie processing machine

Ginger washing machine: choose fresh and thick ginger with high juice yield, strong fragrance and low starch content, and use the bubble impact and tumbling of the bubble cleaning machine to remove sludge and fibrous roots;
Ginger peeling machine: In order to ensure that the taste of ginger juice is more pure, the friction between the hair roller of the brush cleaning machine and the ginger is used to remove the thin skin on the surface of the ginger;
Ginger slicing cutting machine: Cut the ginger into 2-3 mm thick pieces, or use a crusher to crush the peeled ginger, which can improve the juice yield of the ginger;
Ginger juice making machine: The processed ginger slices or diced ginger are lifted to the feeding hopper, and the juice is fully squeezed by screw extrusion. It can automatically complete the ginger juice extraction and slag removal process;
Ginger juice packaging machine: automatic ginger juice filling equipment, suitable for the filling and production of various non-carbonated beverages and non-carbonated juices and other beverages, and realizes three processes of rinsing, filling and capping on one machine.


Ginger Juice Processing Line Parameter


Dried ginger processing machine



Ginger Washing Peeling Machine



Ginger Slicing Machine

220V, 1HP


Ginger Juice Machine



Ginger Juice Packing Machine

3kw/220v 50-60Hz



Ginger Juice Making Youtube Video


Ginger Processing Line Features


1. Water saving, electricity saving, time saving, clean and hygienic.
2. It does not damage the original nutrients of ginger and has a mellow taste.
3. Simple installation, easy operation, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.
4. The whole machine is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, and the size of the customized equipment is processed according to the customer’s requirements.

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