Industrial Automatic Ginger Garlic Paste Making Machine

ginger paste making machine

The automatic ginger garlic paste making machine realizes the whole process of fresh ginger cleaning-peeling-crushing-grinding. The ginger paste made is an indispensable seasoning in our life. It can not only retain the ginger garlic original nutrients , but also prolong the ginger garlic shelf life. Processing fresh ginger into ginger paste is an ideal choice for you to increase the market added value of ginger. 


Ginger Sauce Processing Flow Chart


Ginger paste production process line, including ginger preliminary cleaning machine → ginger automatic peeling machine → ginger chopper → ginger sauce grinding machine → ginger mixing tank → ginger packaging machine.

ginger paste processing machine

Ginger washing machine: It using bubble spray cleaning, the bubble generating device is released in the water to produce a churning effect, making the ginger appear irregularly flipped, and the water and the ginger produce friction to remove surface impurities, and then spray cleaning to effectively clean the impurities in the dead corners of the ginger , to achieve the effect of cleaning.
Ginger peeling machine: The ginger cleaning machine uses the rotation of the hair roller, the direct contact between the brush and the ginger in the water, and the mutual friction between the gingers to remove the soil and impurities attached to the surface of the ginger, so that the dirt on the surface of the ginger is brushed off. For cleaning, use high-pressure water spray to impact cleaning to completely remove impurities.
Ginger Crushing machine: Ginger crushing machine is a composite tool that uses multiple sets of blades. It rotates at a high speed and quickly smashes or mashes ginger into mud. The degree of smashing can be determined according to the speed of placing materials and the combination of tools. Granular or mud-like, the whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, food-grade steel knife, sharp and durable, fast speed and large output.
Ginger sauce grinding machine: The ginger sauce grinding machine can further grind the broken ginger into a more delicate and uniform ginger sauce, and the finished product is more stable and tastes better;
Ginger paste packaging machine: used for packaging ginger paste, without clogging the pump, with high packaging efficiency.


Ginger Garlic Paste Processing Machine Parameter


Dried ginger processing machine



Ginger Washing Peeling Machine



Ginger Slicing Machine

220V, 1HP


Ginger Sauce Grinding  Machine



Ginger Paste Packing Machine

3kw/220v 50-60Hz



Ginger Garlic Paste Making Machine Youtube Video


Ginger Processing Line Features

  1. Continuous operation, easy operation, labor saving and large production capacity;
  2. The automatic ginger garlic paste making machine is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel to avoid pollution during the processing of ginger and meet hygienic requirements;
  3. The automatic ginger garlic paste making machine is both suitable for ginger and garlic paste making, this solution is mainly intruduce ginger paste making, but if you want to make garlic paste, just add some garlic pre-processing machinery is ok.
  4. We design this ginger garlic paste making machine with mixing tank, after made the ginger or garlic paste ,you can add some spices,oil,flavorings into it and mixing evenly according to your market taste preference.

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