Automatic Ginger Powder Processing Machine

ginger powder processing line

The automatic ginger powder processing machine has been upgraded and equipped with a continuous mesh belt dryer on the original ginger powder processing equipment, which can work continuously for 24 hours. It is especially suitable for large-scale ginger powder processing factories to process large quantities of ginger powder, which can help them improve the processing efficiency of ginger powder and reduce the processing cost of ginger powder.


Ginger Powder Processing Flow Chart


Ginger powder production line uses ginger as raw material, through different processing techniques and related equipment from ginger cleaning to milling, processing ginger into ginger powder or compound ginger powder to produce flavored ginger powder. The ginger powder processing process includes: ginger cleaning → ginger peeling →Ginger slices→Ginger slices drying→Ginger slices grinding→Ginger powder packaging.

ginger processing flow chart

Ginger cleaning: It is used to clean the sand and other attachments on the surface of fresh ginger. In order to improve the quality of ginger powder, it is necessary to peel the cleaned ginger;
Ginger slicing: The cleaned and peeled ginger is quickly sliced ​​by a professional ginger slicer. The thickness of the slices is about 4mm, which can achieve an ideal drying effect. After slicing, it needs to be air-dried to quickly remove excess water on the surface of the ginger slices;
Drying of ginger slices: The air-dried ginger slices are lifted to the conveyor belt of the continuous mesh belt dryer through the lifting equipment, and ensure that the ginger slices are laid evenly, thereby improving the drying quality of the ginger slices;
Dry ginger powder grinding: The dried ginger slices enter the crushing chamber through the conveying device for crushing and grinding. We can configure screens with different mesh numbers according to the fineness requirements of customers for ginger powder;
Ginger powder packaging: After the ginger powder is ground into powder, different ginger powder packaging machines are configured according to the packaging form of the ginger powder by the customer to meet the various needs of customers;


Ginger Powder Production Line Parameter


Ginger Powder Processing Machinery



Ginger Washing Peeling Machine



Ginger Slicing Machine

220V, 1HP


Ginger Drying Machine



Ginger Powder Grinding Machine



Ginger Powder Packing Machine




Ginger Powder Processing Youtube Video


Ginger Processing Line Features


It can work continuously for 24 hours, improve the processing efficiency of ginger slices and reduce labor costs;
The whole set of equipment is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of ginger powder during processing;
According to the customer’s requirements for the fineness of ginger powder, different sieves are configured, and the fineness of ginger powder is adjustable from 20 to 120 mesh;
The ginger powder grinding equipment is equipped with a dust collecting device to avoid dust pollution of the workshop and keep the ginger powder processing workshop clean and tidy;

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