Continous Mesh Belt Ginger Chips Drying Machine

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Warranty Time 12 Months
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The ginger drying machine also  called mesh belt dryer ,it candry the ginger slices with good color, low breakage rate and high income. The network speed, temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to production needs to meet the drying treatment of ginger slices with different moisture content and different varieties.

ginger drying machine
ginger drying machine

Mesh Belt Drying Machine Working Principle

The ginger slices enter from the upper layer, and the thickness of the ginger slices is controlled by the automatic spreader. Driven by the mesh belt, the ginger slices move from the upper layer to the lower layer. During operation, the ginger slices fall down several times, so that the ginger slices are turned more thoroughly and dried more evenly. The dried ginger slices are discharged from the discharge port of the bottom layer, and fully contact with the high-temperature hot air during this process to achieve the drying effect.

Ginger Drying Machine Advantges

1. Energy saving, automatic circulation of pure hot air.
2. The heat and mass exchange is uniform and sufficient.
3. One machine is multi-purpose, saving money and space.
4. The cycle is short, the output is large, and the drying process is pollution-free.

ginger mesh belt dryer
ginger mesh belt dryer

Mesh Belt Ginger Drying Machine Parameter

Item Heat Pump Dryer Parameter
Model GG-3P GG-7P GG-15P Unit
Environment temperature -10-43 -15-43 -15-43 ºC
Drying temperature range 30-75 30-75 30-75 ºC
Rated power 4 12 21 Kw
Maximum power 10 18 33 Kw
Power supply form 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Temperature control accuracy ±1 ±1 ±1 ºC
Electric heating power 6 6 12 Kw
Controller Single chip microcomputer/PLC+color screen control
Noise level ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 dB(A)
Capacity 100-200 300-700 800-1500 Kg
Dehydration capacity 9 21 43 Kg/h(=50ºC,80%)

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Ginger Drying Machine Features

1.Low labor intensity, good working environment, workers do not need to operate in high temperature environment;
2.The air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and heating speed can be adjusted to achieve high-quality drying effect;
3.Low energy consumption, because the hot air circulation method is adopted, the heat utilization rate is high, and the energy is highly saved;
4.Strong versatility and wide adaptability. It can adapt to the drying and dehydration of different seasons and different types of vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines and agricultural and sideline products;

    Continous Mesh Belt Ginger Chips Drying Machine