Industrial Dehydrated Ginger & Ginger Slices Processing Line

dried ginger processing line

The dehydrated ginger processing machine is developed for the characteristics of fresh ginger that is perishable, mildewed, not suitable for long-distance transportation, and difficult to store for a long time. It can be dried and the concentration of soluble substances in fresh ginger is relatively increased. In the dry processing, the activity of the enzymes contained in ginger itself is or is, so that ginger can be stored for a long time.


Dried Ginger Processing Flow Chart


The technological process of ginger drying mainly includes: ginger cleaning→ginger peeling→ginger slices→ginger slice cloth/plating→ginger slice drying→packaging and drying ginger slices

dry ginger processing line

Fresh tender ginger is processed into dried ginger slices, which can be further processed into other products. The processing flow is as follows:

  1. Material selection: choose tender ginger, remove rotten ginger, and wash clean.
  2. Peeling: Use the mechanical peeling method to remove the thinner skin layer. You can use a brush cleaning machine with a stiff brush. At the same time as cleaning, the skin of the ginger will also be wiped off, and then rinsed with water to remove the ginger skin. .
  3. Slicing: Use artificial or ginger slicer to slice the ginger pieces according to a certain thickness, such as 4-5 mm thick. It is required to slice along the silk, and the thickness is uniform, so as to ensure the good appearance of the ginger slices.
  4. Drying: The cut ginger slices are immediately and evenly spread on the automatic feeding machine, and then enter the ginger dryer for drying until the water content reaches 12-13%.
  5. Packaging: sealed in plastic bags to prevent moisture absorption, and reserved for processing other products.

Ginger Drying Line Parameter


Dried ginger processing machine



Ginger Washing Peeling Machine



Ginger Slicing Machine

220V, 1HP


Ginger Drying Machine



Ginger Flake Packing Machine

3kw/220v 50-60Hz



Dried Ginger Youtube Video


Ginger Processing Line Features

  1. Continuous operation, easy operation, labor saving and large production capacity;
  2. The ginger slice drying line is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel to avoid pollution during the processing of ginger slices and meet hygienic requirements;
  3. The contact area between ginger slices and hot air is large, and they can be turned over by themselves during the drying process, which is beneficial to the uniformity of drying and the improvement of drying;
  4. The ginger slices are continuously dried in the same drying room, and there is a cooling layer in the later stage to avoid the contamination of the ginger slices and easily meet the hygienic requirements;

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