Ginger Juice Processing Machine Cases In Colombia

Our client is from Colombia and the client has his own farm to grow ginger. As the scale of the farm continues to expand, the customer wants to make up for the unsalable and wasted ginger due to market conditions. Therefore, we want to avoid this situation through the deep processing of ginger, and increase the income of the farm through another channel.

The customer learned from our website that we are the supplier of ginger juice processing equipment. The customer’s ginger juice processing is a new business, and it is planned to process 200kg of fresh ginger per hour. It is understood that customers have visited other small ginger juice processing factories in their local area and are not very satisfied with the processing results of their ginger juice. The main reason is that the ginger juice they process has too much fiber and other residues, which cannot meet the needs of customers for high-quality ginger juice. In response to the customer’s problem, we have equipped the customer with a professional (10-layer) ginger juice plate and frame filter to meet the requirements of fine filtration and semi-fine filtration such as ginger juice purification, sterilization and clarification. Membrane, can directly achieve the purpose of sterile filtration without microporous membrane filter.

And according to the needs of customers, our professional engineer team designed customized ginger juice processing solutions for customers at the first time. Customers are very satisfied with our professionalism and service. In the end, we chose to cooperate with us, and according to the contract, we completed the manufacturing of the Colombian customer’s ginger juice processing line on time.

Customers came to our factory for equipment acceptance and were very satisfied with our equipment and processing technology.

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    Ginger Juice Processing Machine Cases In Colombia