Ginger powder is a commonly used condiment that is not only widely used in cooking, but also has rich medicinal value. The production process of ginger powder includes cleaning, peeling, slicing, drying and grinding. This production process is described in detail below.

ginger powder making process

1. Cleaning

The first step in processing ginger powder is to wash the ginger thoroughly. This is an important step in ensuring the hygiene and quality of the final product. Clean water should be used when cleaning to remove soil, impurities and residual pesticides.

2. Peeling

The cleaning and peeling machine can quickly and efficiently remove the outer skin of ginger to ensure the integrity of the ginger and avoid wasting the fleshy part of the ginger.

3. Slicing

Peeled ginger needs to be cut into thin slices. The purpose of slicing is to speed up the drying process and ensure the quality after drying.

4. Drying

Sliced ginger needs to be dried. There are many methods of drying, including natural drying or mechanical drying. Natural drying requires clear weather and sufficient sunshine, while mechanical drying is more controllable and can complete the drying process in a short time.

5. Grinding

The dried ginger slices are ground into powder. This step is usually performed using a professional grinder. The thickness of the ginger powder can be adjusted as needed to obtain ginger powder with different tastes.

Ginger powder processing is a complex and delicate process that requires strict control of every link to ensure the quality and hygienic safety of the final product. From cleaning to grinding, every step is crucial and requires professional ginger powder processing equipment and operating skills. If you have any questions about the processing of ginger powder, you can contact us.

Ginger Powder Making Process

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