Ginger Processing Doubles Market Profits

Ginger is an important condiment on our table. Many people often prepare some ginger at home, so many people grow ginger, but we know that the price of ginger in the market is not high, and the average family buys a few pieces. The ginger can be used for a long time for a long time, and there are many people planting it, so it is easy to cause low prices and unsalable conditions. It is understood that last year, the price of ginger was once reduced to one or two kilograms. There is really no profit at all.

But in addition to being used as a condiment, ginger also has a place in other food fields. Ginger can be made into ginger candy, snacks, ginger juice, ginger powder, etc. These products do not require many ginger raw materials, but the price of ginger sold in retail or wholesale is much higher.

It is understood that ginger is ground into ginger juice and made into ginger powder for sale. It can be sold at a price of about 20 yuan per kilogram. The original ginger can only be sold for about 2 yuan per kilogram, which is nearly 10 times higher. , and generally used as snacks ginger products and ginger candy, products with a few hundred grams of a generation can also sell for several yuan.

Another is to work hard on packaging. Ginger can be made into processed products such as ginger tea and ginger candy, and then packaged in gift boxes, which can sell for a good price.

These ginger products all need to be deeply processed, and it is very difficult for individuals to make them by hand. Therefore, ginger farmers who want to develop in this area need to get in touch with some professional ginger processing equipment suppliers and obtain processing cooperation. We are a company with 10 years of experience. Ginger processing equipment manufacturers with industry experience, if you have any needs about ginger processing, please feel free to leave a message online with us!

    Ginger Processing Doubles Market Profits