How To Dry / Dehydrate Ginger Flake?

Ginger, dried ginger,ginger flake also known as old ginger, is made by digging fresh ginger root, washing the impurities, sliced ​​and dried.

Ginger drying process

A.Select raw materials

Generally, fresh ginger or fresh ginger can be used for drying ginger slices, as long as you choose the ones without damage and holes

B.Wash and slice

Clean the soil attached to the ginger, and then slice it, and control the thickness of the ginger slices to 3~5mm

C.Place the tray

Put the ginger slices on the tray on the ginger drying machine‘s trolley, evenly place them, do not overlap too much


(1) The temperature is set at 70°C and the time is 2 hours. This stage is mainly based on drying.

(2) The temperature is set at 60°C and the time is 18 hours, mainly drying and dehumidification

(3) The temperature is set at 65 ℃ and the time is 7 hours. It will automatically stop after drying. Don’t take it out in a hurry, but put it in the drying room to return to the temperature.

    How To Dry / Dehydrate Ginger Flake?