What is the difference between 【ginger】and 【turmeric】?

Many friends can’t tell whether ginger and turmeric are the same thing. Today, i will make a unified comparison for everyone!

Ginger is a common cooking condiment. When eating cold and cool things such as seafood, ginger shreds must be added, which can relieve taste, repel cold, warm the stomach, and also promote the metabolism of the body.

Turmeric is a drug that has attracted great attention from scientists all over the world, and it is also a drug that countries around the world spend a lot of human and financial resources to develop and research. In the past 20 years, about 4,500 papers on turmeric have been published in various scientific journals around the world.

Attributes: Large family related but not a single plant; Ginger: Zingiberaceae perennial herbaceous plant; Turmeric: Zingiberaceae perennial herbaceous plant;

Key nutrients: different Ginger: key nutrients come from [gingerol], and gingerol and gingerol; Turmeric: key nutrients come from [curcumin];

Flavor: different Ginger: pungent, warm in nature; Turmeric: pungent, bitter, warm in nature;

Culinary uses: different Ginger: mainly used to remove fishy smell, freshen and combine various spices; Turmeric: mainly used for coloring, and bring the slightly withered and earthy taste of curry;

Health benefits: similar effects, different degrees Ginger: Dispels cold, promotes metabolism, appetizes and strengthens the spleen; Turmeric: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-cancer, protects the liver;

    What is the difference between 【ginger】and 【turmeric】?