Turmeric Powder Processing Machine In Sri Lanka

Our turmeric powder customer is from Sri Lanka, who was previously engaged in the drying business of mango and chili. The customer has a small drying equipment. Turmeric powder is a new project that the customer wants to carry out, and it is also a government project. The customer plans to introduce a set of more professional turmeric powder processing equipment.
Through further communication, we learned that the customer wants to process 200kg of turmeric per hour, the thickness of turmeric slices is required to be 2mm, and the fineness of the dried ginger powder is 120 mesh. The local voltage requirement is 415v, 50Hz, 3 items of electricity.
According to the needs of customers, our professional engineers configure customized turmeric powder processing solutions for customers, and quickly issue turmeric powder processing drawings. This turmeric powder processing machine also called ginger powder processing machine,it is also suitable for ginger powder processing, mainly including: lifting, blanching, washing and peeling, air-drying, slicing, dehydrating, crushing, grinding, and packaging.

Turmeric Powder Processing Machine

Sri Lankan customers are more concerned about the processing capacity of turmeric dryer equipment. Sri Lankan customers said that the equipment runs 12 hours a day and processes 2.4T of turmeric a day. The customer’s previous small dryer is far from being able to meet the processing needs. We have configured 2 sets of 15P heat pump dryers for customers, which can not only meet the customer’s demand for turmeric processing capacity, but also be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Turmeric Drying Machine Details

In addition to the high-quality insulation material of polyurethane board used in the whole box, our oven also adds a checkered board on the floor of the drying room, which can greatly extend the service life of the turmeric drying room, and can also prevent slipping to ensure the safety of turmeric powder processing and production for Sri Lankan customers. There are also lights in the drying room for easy inspection.

Sri Lanka was very satisfied with the throughput of our turmeric dryer as well as the equipment details and our professionalism, and finally chose to cooperate with us.

    Turmeric Powder Processing Machine In Sri Lanka