How Is Ginger Garlic Paste Made in Factories?

How is ginger garlic paste made in factories? The large-scale ginger paste processing in the factory is in accordance with the ginger garlic paste production process. The main ginger garlic paste manufacturing machines involved are brush cleaning machines (cleaning ginger), peeling machines, and colloid mills (grinding into ginger paste) , Jacketed pot, storage tank, filling machine, etc.

The ginger garlic paste manufacturing process

Raw materials are cleaned and air-dried
When making ginger paste, wash the prepared sand ginger to remove the water; peel and wash the garlic, and wash the green onions to remove the water for later use.

Grind the sauce
Add ginger, garlic and other raw materials to the sauce grinding equipment for grinding to make a paste. Cut all the green onions into fine pieces for later use.

Add the ingredients, oil, etc. to the jacketed pot to boil, and by stirring constantly, ensure that the ginger sauce reaches the quality of the product before serving.

After making the ginger paste, you can put it in a bottle and keep it sealed. When you need to eat it, take out some sugar and soy sauce, mix it thoroughly and eat it directly.

flow chart of ginger garlic paste

Ginger paste is loved by many, especially the middle-aged and elderly, as it helps to warm the body in cold weather and reduces coughs and sore throats. The preparation method of ginger paste is not difficult, and the raw materials such as ginger, garlic and green onions are also relatively common. However, in order to make the finished product beautiful in color and the sauce is neither spicy nor fibrous, it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned ginger-garlic sauce production process, and large-scale processing in the factory requires professional ginger-garlic sauce production line.

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    How Is Ginger Garlic Paste Made in Factories?