Ginger Drying /Dehydrating Experiment Report


Help the customer’s understanding of the ginger flakes drying process by our dried ginger processing line ;
Compare the effects of two different processes of blanching and non-blanching on the finished ginger flakess;

Two. Experimental Materials:
Drying box, ginger, moisture meter, slicer, timer, electronic scale

Three. Experimental procedure

1.Use fresh ginger to clean and peel

2. Cut the ginger into 2mm thick slices and divide into 2 portions

3.Blanch one of the ginger slices in 90°C hot water for 2 minutes

4.Remove the blanched ginger slices and cool

5.Put the blanched ginger slices and the unblanched ginger slices into the drying oven separately for drying

Set the drying temperature to 65°C and the drying time to 8 hours

Four. Experimental data recording

The initial water content of ginger is about 94.81% measured with a moisture meter
After 5 hours the moisture content of the finished product is 7%


1.There are too few materials to be dried, so the time is only 5 hours; mass production time will be longer

2.There are some differences in the color of the blanched and un-blanched finished products. The blanched ginger dried color will remain more yellow, and the unblanched ginger flakes will turn white. No other difference has been found. After a period of time, you can observe the discoloration again.

    Ginger Drying /Dehydrating Experiment Report